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Hispanic and Latinx people are well known for their cultural values such as resilience, hard work, relentlessness, and passion. Their spirit fuels a drive for not only individual advancement but also lifting others up as a team, creating a huge impact in all they do in the organization. Our concept is both a celebration of such values and a call to action to Amplify the Impact.

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Our client, AMEX, asked CIEN+ to develop a campaign/thematic to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and to demonstrate the company's commitment to their Hispanic and Latinx colleagues. Although the primary target audience is AMEX employees, their goal is to make the concept appealing and understandable to other stakeholders that follow AMEX on their social media channels.

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Although the main drive of this campaign was internal, it was the intent of the HOLA team at AMEX to have other colleagues join them beyond Hispanic Heritage Month to ensure that their efforts to improve the communities they serve are raised to a higher level – ultimately establishing goodwill for AMEX and impacting the financial bottom line for the organization.

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