How nostalgia revived a brand sparked growth

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Despite facing a critical challenge for growt, Caladryl was the #1 pharmacist recommended brand for poison ivy and poison oak remedies as well as the #1 outdoor itch brand in Latin America and for Hispanics in the US. The brand’s strong equity was rooted in a rich heritage

of generations of Latinos who grew up with “the pink stuff” their mothers used to put on them; therefore highlighting this nostalgia could fuel growth with America’s fastest growing consumer segment.

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We conducted a series of focus groups with Latina women, aged 28-49 to build their consumers’ insights. Based on the findings, the agency’s efforts would tap into Caladryl’s emotional affinity with Hispanic mothers in the US and their active online behavior, while leveraging the brand’s “#1 Pharmacist Recommended” badge and the emotional role mother plays to always be the hero and save the day.


A lovable 15-second TV spot which depicted a mother soothing her daughter’s bug bite with a rub of Caladryl and a kiss, alongside an interactive website filled with illustrated stories, took our target audience back to those moments and helped re-position Caladryl as mom’s healing friend.

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An emotional connection with the target market and resonating effectively with Latinas, resulted in:

  • 13-week TV campaign delivered 52-week significant sales-lift reporting a 24.49%  dollar sales percent increase compared to the year prior.

  • Over 11.5K TV spot impressions among women aged 18-34. 

  • 6.5K impressions via paid online media efforts.

  • Caladryl’s YouTube page increased from 0 to 45,937 views.

  • Through the nine months of the digital campaign, Caladryl’s Facebook fans tripled reaching over 2 million unique people, with 120 people sharing page content daily on average.

  • Caladryl’s new digital destination received more than 37,000 visits, with a  91.2% rate of unique visitors.

  • CIEN+’s strategically-placed print ad was distributed to 157,000 retail pharmacy stores and gained more than 168,000 impressions among pharmacists.

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