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Struggling to grow as a brand that is regarded as typically enjoyed at private occasions and deemed old-fashioned, Johnnie Walker recognized the changing dynamics of today’s Millennial consumer and the importance of the U.S. Hispanic consumers as a way to reinvigorate the brand.


With this in mind, Johnnie Walker wanted to develop a through-­the-­line campaign rooted in Hispanic Insights with inclusive mass appeal. Research showed that the primary conversion driver was the consumer’s desire to “stand out from the crowd” during social occasions.

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We developed “My Label is Black”, A bi-­lingual and cross-­cultural campaign showing how the sophistication of Johnnie Walker Black Label matches the achievements of Millennial Men.


Insights were tested in focus groups with Hispanic, Non-­Hispanic whites and Black American consumers, validating that having the right blend of character and a deeper life story is what truly makes you stand out.


Johnnie Walker, as the perfect blend of 40+ whiskies, is the perfect brand to portray the unique traits of men who stand out for the crowd.

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Amplified through-­the-­line, My Label is Black became a Total Market effort making a culturally relevant connection with US Latinos while inclusively relating to the mass market. The campaign was activated on media, on-premise, off-­premise, in-­store, and digitally.


Empowered by the journey of three influencers that embody the essence of the Johnnie Walker man; Jorge Posada, Former NY Yankee, MVP, philanthropist, World Champion, mentor, Don Omar Latin GRAMMY nominee, 10 times Latin Billboard winner, music producer, and actor, and Alex Sensation, Top DJ in New York and ambassador to Latinos.

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